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December is already here, which means that people are on the lookout for sales. It doesn’t matter if you are a service-based business or if you have a store with tangible items. Your perspective is out there, looking for a deal and it’s your job to package your offering and come up with a special package for them. 

To welcome the Christmas spirit into your online business, blog or website, I created for you, for the third year in a row, a list of my favorite free WordPress plugins for Christmass.

But first, a couple of suggestions:

Did you know that nearly 74% of surveyed US and UK retailers say December and the holiday sales are where they get 20% or more of their annual sales?
This is the perfect time to come up with a new a blog post or to send a newsletter on how your services can help your projects during the holiday season and start sharing it on your social media channels. You can use some snippets from it to create Twitter and Facebook posts and use the images to share on Instagram and Pinterest.
Do it once a week.


As we already know that less than 6% of your followers will see it in a given time, don’t be afraid to share it more than once. You want your prospects to remember your offers when they are ready to buy or hire you.

Mobile shoppers and millennials are more likely than the average population to use their devices for research and inspiration.
If your target audience is mostly on their devices, make sure your website is responsive, your contact information is accurate and that all the links are working.There’s nothing more annoying than a broken link on a cell phone.

This is also the perfect time to capture your visitors and prospects’ email addresses so you can build your list with your prospective buyers.
All you need is a checklist in a form of a PDF or an MP3 and an opt-in form that is integrated with your email system. If you need help with putting this system together, send me an email and we will get you started.

Another way to boost your sales this season is by adding some festive elements to your website so that your site’s visitors get in the holiday mood.

There is a wide range of popular WordPress holiday plugins that will get your site’s visitors into the holiday spirit as well as nudge him to buy your products or hire your services.

Here are some of my favorite WordPress plugins for Christmas (some of them made the list for the third year in a row).

  • Countdown, Countdown Timer, Widget Countdown 
  • T(-) Countdown 

Two countdown timer plugins that you can use to count down to Christmas Day, or for showing customers how much time they have left to get your special offers.

  • WP Snow Effect by WPManiax.

Nothing like falling flakes to evoke some cozy and happy emotions. Right? This plugin adds a nice looking animation effect of falling snow to your WordPress site. It’s easy to install and you can choose the type of the flakes, their size, and the speed.

  • Xmas Lights by GraphicEdit

Add a simple string of colorful Christmas lights to your site to welcome your visitors this holiday season. While some Christmas lights plugins look a bit tacky, this one looks great and adds a quirky festive touch. A quick note: this plugin was last updated two years ago, however, I just tested it and it is working fine. You can see an example on my website.

  • Holiday Message by Simon North.

A holiday message that automatically pops up when the website is accessed. I love this plugin because it lets you customize the graphics and message so you can add a quick reminder to your latest offers and promotions.

While it may be tempting to simply add the top WordPress plugins to your website (it’s only for a couple of months at most, after all), let the theme and style that your website already has dictate your final decision.

Choosing the right widget not only makes your site more sophisticated and more in touch with the time of year but also acts as another bit of encouragement for users to buy from you, which is the ultimate aim.