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“In less than two weeks of launching my new website, I sold two Diamond packages and doubled the investment on the website!” Tarek Bibi Australia/Canada

“I got six new high-paying clients!” Ingrid Prueher. United State 

“I received numerous calls and requests for my services in less than two weeks from launching my new website. In my book, that’s success” Gina Waterfield. United State 

“I’m already getting traction and inquiries from the website.
The website has been the thing that has turned my prospects from ‘I wonder if I should call Kate,’ to ‘I’m going to call Kate“. Kate Arbuckle, England 

Working with Lotem Design was a gift. From start to finish Sarit held our hands making the experience seamless. Her expertise in the area of web design, the latest trends, and development of a game plan for future growth of our sight was invaluable. I would be remiss if I only focused on the behind the scenes benefits of working with Lotem Design.

The real proof is in the new outcomes we have seen through our site. Our site is user-friendly, making it accessible to all, and truly captures the essence of our mission and business. The positive feedback from our end users continues to parallel our vision. In a sentence, Sarit Lotem is not only knowledgeable but passionate… a winning combination!

Melanie Struble

The Body Image Boutiqe

I wanted to celebrate Sarit Lotem and her team!! The work we have done on my website = BINGO!!

Yesterday I received a call from someone who googled – found us- called me left message- returned her call and in 7 mins. I had a new organizing client with 2 sessions booked, request for long term help and a CC #!! It was soooo easy!! When she came to the website, everything she needed to make a buying decision was already there.

Kelly Schaefer

I met Sarit when I had signed up for her tutorial on how to build a website. She was energetic and passionate,  patient and accommodating.  She had impressed me with her vast knowledge, expertise, and understanding of what it takes to build a winning website. When I actually approached her to redo my very rudimentary site, she immediately grasped the spirit of the stories and the characters. We quickly established a teamwork relationship with an open dialog and sharing of ideas. Before long the site was up and running to my very particular and even difficult at times satisfaction. My writing adventure has taken me to uncharted waters. I feel confident sailing further with such professionals on my team.

Ora Pollak

I can’t say enough about how helpful, patient, informative, smart, and wonderful Sarit and her team are. Making a website sounds so big and scary, and Sarit made it so easy, and we got it done well under the targeted time. I can’t wait to show it off!!

Kate Damato

If you are looking for someone to design your website, look no further.  Sarit is amazing at capturing your message and then translating that into an online presence that drives results.  And, not only is Sarit a true professional, she is also an amazing person; intelligent, kind, caring and empathetic.  Anytime I had a question, or needed a little bit of extra hand holding, I would reach out to Sarit, and she would always respond promptly and go out of her way to address my needs and concerns.  There are alot of web designers out there, but Sarit is in a league of her own.  I highly recommend her and am thrilled with my results.  Thank you Sarit!

Dona Rutowicz

You are absolutely amazing to work with. Positive, patient (much needed when dealing with luddites like me), reassuring, effortless (seemingly). I appreciate you VERY much – this is proving to be not only easier than I thought but actually fun!

Many thanks!
Lynda Spillane

The Persuasive Word

Thinking back to where I was last January around my website, having spent WEEKS trying to build it myself – my amazing coach told me to just hire someone already – I hired the incredible Sarit Lotem and her team and she listened, completely GOT what I was looking for and took me out of overwhelm and produced exactly what I envisioned so beautifully. Thank you so much Sarit!!

Kate Arbuckle

Sarit came highly recommended and provided amazing service. She was knowledgeable, friendly and professional. With one phone session she understood the scope of work I needed and asked thoughtful questions.
She responded with a quote that underscored her understanding of my needs along with a “in real world” time frame. And then, she completely over-delivered. Ahead of schedule! Beautiful work! I am delighted with the completed project and look forward to working with her again.

Sandy Bassett

Founder, wholeHearted Journeys

Without Sarit’s dedication, I would never have my online business and website. It’s easy to postpone and give up but Sarit will take guide you throughout the process and take you step-by-step until your website is finalized and you are ready to do business online.

Yoneat Dotan

I can not thank you enough on behalf of Jen, myself, The Body Image Boutique, and all of the people who will walk through its doors. A true place of community, healing, and celebration is being created, and your web design captures the essence of it all. We are thrilled !!!! Thank you again for all of the inspiration, time, energy, and creativity !!!! With much gratitude,

Melanie Strubel

The Body Image Boutique

For three years I’ve had a tortured relationship with my website. It’s gorgeous, but was totally inscrutable to me. The guys who built it for me, who were friends, told me NEVER TO TOUCH IT. And i always hated having to ask them to do any and every little update, so I almost never changed a thing. Well, my coach introduced me to Sarit Lotem and MY WHOLE LIFE HAS CHANGED.

Sarit and her team updated all my infrastructure and just taught me how to update my site myself. I am empowered, I am free, I can create. Am so grateful  for my coach who immediately got me to Sarit who has changed everything for me. She’s speedy, super professional, patient, clear.  Now, when its done, I can add my compelling story to my website by myself. Wow. 

Lisa Poulson

I have hired multiple web designers in the past and Lotem Design is the first one who is truly responsive to my needs and understands the needs of a small business owner. They have a very keen sense of design as well as a very competent knowledge the software necessary to get the job done. Lotem Design is the first one who listened to what I wanted for my web site and delivered in a very timely manner. They designed a web site and a logo for my business. I would definitely hire them again and recommend them without reservations to anyone who is looking for a great web designer.

Dr. William Song

Dear Sarit,Thank you so much for your patience and hard work in creating our company’s beautiful new web site, Novogrow.com. Form the very outset you were instrumental in guiding us on what to include and how to lay it out. Once you got our logo, you created a beautiful look to the site that blended with the company’s logo and image.You were patient with us as Azriel was always too busy to get you the content and pictures in a timely manner. Once you got the content you quickly laid it out in a very visual manner and gave us pointers on altering the content to be visually appealing and readily understandable, by not having too much on any one page.
The focus of our practice is medical and complicated to explain in words alone. The clientele we deal with also involve very difficult situations. You integrated the text, pictures and videos in such a manner that the web site is able to fully tell the story of what our practice has to offer and the successes we have enjoyed. This enabled us to deliver a difficult message in a child / family friendly manner that is professional, technical and readily understood by parents. Simultaneously, doctors, therapists and other professionals who may refer clients to our practice are able to appreciate the professional image and message of the high quality care we provide here as well.
Throughout the process, you were friendly, accommodating and professional. You patiently worked with many revisions and rewrites to create an incredible final product that we can be proud to represent our company online. You also worked to integrate our web site and Facebook page while also listing our site on search engines to be more visible on line to those searching for our services.We would highly recommend your company for web site design to anyone wanting a high quality web site at a reasonable and affordable price in a hassle free manner. Please feel free to use our site for the promotion of your service as the final product speaks for itself.

Azriel & Batya Novogroder

Novogrow, LLC Pediatric Physical Therapy

Just want to tell you, Sarit, how confident and comfortable I feel working with you…”
Well done and excellent Job! I am so impressed…Truly, thank you so much.

Nancy Silberman Zwiebach

Psychotherapy, SPEAKING/Seminars for Self Esteem

Sarit Lotem has been professional and diligent in designing my website. I am a “website phobic” and she has held my hand throughout the process. Sarit is patient and explains each step calmly and thoroughly. I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you Sarit.

Aliza Menche

U R Getting Sleepy-Hypnotizes

Sarit designed my website and did a wonderful job. She is incredibly efficient, prompt and easy to work with. I have already recommended her to friends.

Nicole Grace

Nicole E. Grace Psychotherapist

I found working with Sarit on my website to be surprisingly easy. In less then a day after we agreed to work together Sarit had a rough draft of a webpage and we began to build. If I had an idea of what I wanted and I would just mail Sarit and the next thing you know it was on the page. Additions here, deletions there, a shuffle here and a shuffle there and the site was completed in a very short time.

Sarit will follow your ideas and give you a chance to see them for yourself and if something is a little off the wall she’ll let you know that as well. She has an eye for space and shape and lots of creative ideas to help you balance your page. Sarit responds in a very timely manner to address questions or to implement a new idea. She is also willing to turn your page over to you and provide all the information you need to make changes.

Personally I asked her to stay on because I was afraid I’d mess something up on the site. Her fees are very reasonable and having her in the background to make any adjustment is a real comfort.

Bruno Dinelli

Dear Sarit,
The website looks amazing!
Thank you for your patience on all the changes we made along the way. It was a pleasure working with you and I hope we can continue to do business together in the future.

Elizabeth Katz

F. Bianchi

Sarit Lotem created our website YOSL’S Frozen Yogurt. She did a remarkable job. The design of the website was just what we were looking for. Any time we needed something to be added it was done in seconds. Talk about customer service, she was on it right away.She was so organized and helped us tremendously with ideas and suggestions for the site. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in growing their business. our website

Blake Rubenstein

Yosl’s Frozen Yogurt

I already had a site for our business that was about 20 years old, and decided that it was time to bring it into the here and now. I decided to use Sarit after looking at some of the other sites she has designed. They were exactly what I was looking for, professional, fresh and eye catching. She is quick and efficient, you ask for something and it is done immediately.

Very helpful and extremely patient. Our site looks great. She makes it easy to navigate through the site. I use Sarit to do any major change to our site. She also shows you how to do the minor updates yourself. That was an important feature to me.

She makes it so easy to maintain. And she is always there to help, which is definitely a plus. Thanks Sarit wonderful job, site looks great. I would recommend Sarit to anyone. She is professional, helpful and has great ideas. You should use her company too.

AnnMarie Snader

I first met Sarit through local business group meeting, and I knew that I wanted to work with her because I liked her positive energy. When the time came for me to develop my website, of course I thought of Sarit, and I’m so glad I did! It was such a pleasure working with Sarit because throughout the project, she was so patient, flexible, and supportive. She always responded quickly to any questions or concerns I might have had.

Sarit was also very open to my ideas and suggestions, and was able to implement them in such a beautiful way. It’s obvious that Sarit takes a lot of pride in her work, but what I really appreciated about working with her was that it wasn’t just about the end result, or ‘getting the job done’, but instead, she took care to make sure the whole process was enjoyable and stress free. I could see that Sarit was just as invested in creating a beautiful site for me as I was.

Of course, I am thrilled with my new website, and I’m grateful for the amazing job Sarit did! I know that when I have any other work that needs to be done for my site and/or business, I will be going to her! Thank you Sarit!

Niketa Joshi

Ayurvedic Health Counselor; Holistic Health and Wellness

It was great dealing with a professional who was responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I like the fact that the website is creative and that Sarit designed it with her customers vision yet she placed her own slant on areas which made it more unique. Sarit is an ultimate professional who made us feel special as if we were the only client!

Jerry Castoria

Dog Health Watch

I started working with Sarit Lotem last year and I can’t find enough words to describe what a wonderful experience I have had. I tried 4 pretty good web designers before her and finally found in her someone who knows what she is doing and at the same time is kind, sweet, patience, ultra fast and consistent. She really runs the extra mile when I need her.

She finished all the work for my new website, designed my newsletters, connected everything with my mailing service and social media, assisted me through out this journey and with my new ebook. She has been at hand when I have most needed her. That’s what I call EXPERIENCE AND SUPPORT. I love Sarit’s work and it is a true pleasure to continue having her taking care of my website.

Rita Paiewonsky

I had a previously bad experience with a web designer. Sarit Lotem was able to fix the errors that were made. She listened to my concerns, helped me make decisions, and gave it that personal touch I was looking for. Thanks for all your help, Sarit!

Susan Rothschild

A BIG Thank You goes out to Lotem Website Design! Great Customer Service…Accommodating and most importantly completed our website in under the deadline date! I highly recommend them!

Lotem Website Design took my vision for my International Moving website and made it reality! Sarit is very easy to work with , she is very patient and willing to go the extra step to explain the entire process. She stays current on all issues concerning web design, which gives us higher rankings in the search engines. You just can’t beat this web designer.

Guy Drori

BestGuy Moving

Sarit was the fourth web developer I interviewed as a potential consultant with my firm. To tell you the truth, they all possessed very similar skills, expertise and techniques. Their fee schedules were also similar. I selected Sarit because of her personal demeanor.

She is a keen listener and considers thoughtfully what you are saying. Internet marketing is still a new frontier for me and I needed someone who would make me feel comfortable throughout my learning curve. Sarit has done that. I think she is very good at what she does, and I recommend her highly.

Steve Korbin

When I first met Sarit, the website for my consulting firm was non-existent. I had been running two businesses and the focus had been on the other site.

For starters, Sarit helped me realize that my true connection was with the business I wasn’t even marketing for! I have been in several coaching programs yet here was my web designer coaching me on one of the most important career decisions I have ever made. I shut down the other business and put everything I have into the consulting business.

After writing the copy, we worked diligently to migrate my old site. I am not a technical person but I know enough to say – with confidence – that it was a technical nightmare. I didn’t have access to my site, nothing was where it was supposed to be, and it took hours and hours of technical support to get it fixed. It was probably the most frustrating time in my business.

The only reason I came out on the other side is Sarit. She spent so much time with me and the support team at my hosting company, literally undoing everything that was wrong. She stayed by my side throughout the process and we figured it out. We finally got to the design of my site. This is where I learned what Sarit is truly made of. I knew that I wanted a certain feeling on my home page and throughout my site yet I couldn’t quite articulate it.

Sarit worked tirelessly with me to get me to a place where I could say “it’s a go!”. She was patient beyond patient yet strong in her points of view, which I truly appreciated. She didn’t just do what I asked. She had suggestions and vision – and would often be a step or two ahead of me. She also gently pushed me to make my site work FOR me in terms of marketing and lead generation.

If you are looking for a web designer who is going to strategize with you and stick by your side, there simply is no one else. I have incredibly high standards and the best news is, so does Sarit!

Elaine Davison