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A couple of weeks ago, Facebook introduced another change to the News Feed ranking algorithm… this time demoting certain types of posts called ‘engagement bait.’
What exactly does that mean?
It’s when people attempt to ’bait’ the Facebook algorithms by baiting their friends/fans/followers into responding using the five types of baiting that Facebook identified as a spam:
Which means that you cannot post a funny video and ask people to comment as Facebook regards this type of post as “engagement Bait” and will push them down in news feeds.
If you continue with this tactic, Facebook will diminish all of your posts.
Experts are still not sure how the algorithm works and how exactly FB know when it’s an authentic Call-To-Action (for example, asking a family member to share a post).
However, one thing that you can still do to create a buzz is to run a contest on your fan page.
Just keep in mind that
  • You can’t require participants to share a page or post on your Timeline to enter
  • You can’t require participants to like a page to enter
  • You can’t require participants to tag themselves in pictures to enter

Check the rest of the rules here.

Are you confused yet?
The bottom line is this: You must change the way you are doing things online, especially on Facebook.
The only way to stay in business is to engage with people.
To create content that excites them, and to read and comment on posts in a very sincere way.
Your relationships have to be genuine and you have to be on your page constantly, not just when you want to promote.
Be your amazing self and have a relationship that is consistent and caring.
Take the time to actually read what people post and comment on it.
Ask questions
This is the only way to compete with the big names on social media and their million dollar marketing budget.
Having said that, nothing will replace a website where
Where there are no rules.
Where you can decide what to promote and when.
Where you can blog and create content freely.
You might be thinking: “I will focus on Instagram stories or Facebook live or maybe Facebook Messenger and promote over there.
Well, guess what? You got it…
But down the road, FB will probably ban this platform as well, with no warning, which will leave you with nothing.
Don’t let that be you!