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I was invited to present to a big company today on online presence and how to generate more traffic to their website, get more interaction, and get more buyers of course.

At the begging of the call, I asked them to share with me their challenges so I could make my presentation more specific to their needs.

They mentioned 3 core challenges
1. Their social media engagement is poor
2. Their newsletter opening rate and conversion is very low
3. People are not excited about their events and products

When I asked who their target market was, their answer was: women age 40+.

Now let me pause and ask you: who is your target market? Is it also woman age 40+?

If your answer is yes, then you need to keep reading.

The problem with this answer is, that it’s not specific enough. You can’t really target this group as it’s too broad and not specific enough.

It’s like saying that all shoes that are red are the same. There is so much more to shoes than just the color.
What about the heel height? 3”, 5”, or maybe flat
What about the shape? Pointy or maybe square
What about the material? Leather, fabric or plastic
And how about the heel shape?
With a bow or with a print?
Brand name or not?

So now let me ask you again. Who is your ideal client?
When I work with my clients we usually go through a whole process to really dig in and understand who it is that makes your work so much more exciting.

Heres are just some of the questions that we discuss (in addition to the age and gender).
One guru or expert that they follow
Which book is a must-read for this client
If it was free, which event would they never miss
Which event would they go to even if it’s not free
Which brand do they wear or buy and why
How many products do they have from this brand (this will allow us to understand if the brand is a big stretch for them or affordable)
Who inspires them
Who do they dislike

Let’s go back to my presentation and the company that hired me to help them with their online presence and see how we can utilize this information to improve their email open rate, expand their reach and makes a bigger impact.

When they mentioned that their newsletter opening rate is very low, I suggested that they should inspect their newsletters’ subjects and make sure that it’s not generic or boring. The best way to achieve that is by using the information they gathered on their ideal client which will help them come up with more compelling titles.

For example: If they know that their ideal client is a woman age 40+ that just got a divorce, feels lonely, and wants a sense of belonging,
Instead of using a generic email title like: Join us for a Saturday dinner
It’s Saturday! Don’t stay home by yourself. We are waiting for you 🙂

See the difference? The idea is to evoke and elevate emotions that will get the reader think: “that’s exactly what I need, thank you for thinking of me!”

Can you see how you can also use this knowledge to appeal to your target market and REALLY converse with them?

Another example
One of the suggestions I shared with the company (when they mentioned that people are not excited about their events and new products) is to tap into the sense of belonging that people naturally have and make them feel as if they are a part of the community and everything that the company is developing.

When I was ready to launch my book on Amazon, I made sure to include my followers and readers in the process. Knowing my target market, I knew that they were brilliant business owners who love to share their knowledge and feel a sense of empowerment when asked to share their opinion.
They are on Facebook and they have full-time jobs.

So, on my FB page as well as on my group page, around 7 pm ET, I wrote a post and asked them to help me decide on the design of the book cover.
More than 300 people took the time to reply and share their opinion with me.
I continued by asking them to help me choose the color scheme and some other elements.
I kept them updated on the publishing process.

So when my book was finally ready to be purchased on Amazon, it wasn’t a surprise that it became an Amazon best-seller as so many of my readers purchased it.

I didn’t use a joint venture or anything of the sort. I just kept my tribe excited and they could feel that they were a part of something big.

You can do the same. When you understand your tribe and what motivates them, you won’t just help them on a different level, what’s most important is that they will receive your love with open arms and will come back for more. In return, that will make your work so much more joyful and exciting!

Share with me:
Looking at your latest newsletter’s title, will you tweak the subject to make it more appealing?