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We start with your VISION AND GOALS:

In this step, we will have a call (or a meeting) to find out what your expectations for your site are. You see, understanding your goals and what you are trying to achieve with your online presence will ensure that I can address them with your website.

It will also help me decide on the layout of the site for the best results, including which images to use that your prospects will most relate too, and which call-to-action will make your site’s visitors want to take the next step with you (whether if it’s to fill out a form or to buy your products, etc.).




We design your LOGO AND BRANDING

If you don’t already have a logo or if you just need a tweak, the next step will be to design one for your business; one that will capture the essence of your services and uniqueness and that your prospects will most relate to.

At this point we will also choose your color scheme and your brand’s fonts.






The next step towards creating your successful website is designing the mockup of your website. This step is for deciding how to design the web pages in a way that will get your message across and that will get your prospects to take action. 





We build your ‘LIVE WEBSITE’

In this step, we will put everything we discussed and agreed on thus far to build your business website.

We will load all the content (text and images) and design all the inner pages. We will also test all links, forms, and email addresses to make sure that they all work effectively as well as fix any bugs.

Once you approve, we will transfer and handover of ownership of the site to you.

Ready to get started? Let’s schedule a call so I can get some info from you and answer all your questions. Please click on the button below to choose your best time for our call. It’s that easy.




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