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When was the last time you asked your prospects a question? Gave them options to choose from?
Today I wanted to share with you how you can collect valuable information from your prospects and how you can utilize it in your website.

The process:
As part of the new “Fully Booked” framework that I’m creating for you, I’m also working on re-branding and redesigning my logo.

I came up with two options that I really like. At this point, I’ve decided to ask my followers which one they prefer. I have done so for two reasons:

1) I value the information I receive from my readers and followers. As much as I might love one of the designs, at the end of the day, as a business owner, I need to appeal to my prospects. I want you to feel welcome when you visit my website and that you can relate to and trust me with your project and there is no better way to gather this information than by just asking. 

2) The second reason I asked my prospects to help me, is because it’s an excellent way to update them on what’s going on with my business, to get them involved, and feel that they are an important part of the business.
You see, when you ask a question and someone takes the time to answer, they are becoming emotionally involved with you. They question, they take the time to think, and they read what other people wrote and comment on it.
And that’s what you want as a business owner. You want that personal connection where you have a discussion with your prospects and where you get to talk to them and hear their thoughts and valuable input. You want them to care enough to take the time to write back to you and interact with you. 

The results:
I posted the question on my personal page in Facebook and in three more groups that I belong to.
More than 300 people responded.

The key to the success:
From my experience, the best way to get people to take action and do something is always to:
1. Keep it simple. From Facebook’s 2017 report, I know that people prefer short posts. No more than two sentences. So I made sure to keep this post brief and to the point. I simply said: I need your help. Which logo do you like best?” 

2. Give options. It’s much easier for people when you ask them to choose between options 1 & 2 than to ask an open question. In this day and age when everything is fast moving, and the attention spam is very short, the chances that people will answer to an open question is very low. 
For this reason, I did not ask “What do you think about the logo re-design?”.  I simply numbered the options and I asked which one do you like best?

How can you use this information in your business and website:
When you have a chance, always find ways to ask questions and get your readers and followers to vote and get involved. You can leverage social media platforms or send newsletters. The question doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as easy as asking your followers to help you decide between two wall colors or two pairs of shoes.
In fact, I once asked my readers to help me decide between 2 hair styles and more than 100 people replied.
The bonus of utilizing Facebook is that the people who comment and their connections will see more of your posts higher in their Facebook wall, in the future. So if you plan to pitch a new service in the future or to share big news, a good idea will be to first ask a simple question and get as many people and followers as you can to comment on it, and only then should you share your big news. This way you are maximizing the viewers potential number. 

On your website:
Giving your site’s visitors options to choose from on the home page is not just helping with the structure of the site. It also helps them self-qualify themselves. 

Research shows that when it comes to giving people options, three is the magic number. Apparently, people can’t process more than three things at a time. This is why we have the Three Stooges, the Three Little Pigs, the Three Musketeers, etc.

Ask yourself: what are my three featured services? The ones that generate me the most income? Highlight them on your Home Page. You can do that by adding three boxes with clear titles of the services and a call-to-action per box, telling your site’s visitors to click on a box if they are interested in getting started with you.

Another benefit of adding three boxes to your website and having your prospects click on one of them to read more information is that by doing it, your prospects are spending more time on your website. The longer they stay and read what you have to share, the higher the chances are that they will engage with you and hire your services.

Here are two examples from my latest web design projects where we implemented the 3 boxes idea:

The point of this article is to show you that marketing and website conversion are not complicated when you understand the logic behind them.

No matter what you sell or promote, you can use those step to improve your sales pitch and website conversion.

Let me know about your experience with asking questions and converting clients or any questions you might have about them.


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