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3 Simple Ninja Strategies To Generate More Appointment Requests From Your Website (Because More Calls Equal More Clients)

As someone who has built a 6-figure business in 4 months, I can tell you that the fastest route to success is through the phone. There’s no alternative for that real human touch – being able to hear each other’s voices, build rapport, and answer your prospects objections right there on the phone. The phone, hand down, is the fastest route to a “YES.”

The tricky part is figuring out how to get enough calls on your calendar in order to reach your income goal. That’s why today I want to share with you “3 Simple Ninja Strategies To Generate More Appointment Requests From Your Website (Because More Calls Equal More Clients)!”…

Ninja Strategy #1

Install the “Sticky Popup” plugin on your (wordpress) website. This plugin will place a pop up on a fixed position on your website. Here’s a picture of what it looks like:


The great thing about this plugin is that it will be permanently fixed on every single page of your site as a constant reminder to your visitors about how to get in touch with you. Since this plugin doesn’t disrupt what they’re doing on the site, it is not annoying like time-based pop ups are. Once you’ve installed it on to your site, here are the steps to take to best optimize this plugin to generate appointments for you:

Step 1: Add a call to action in the “Pop Up Title” section of the plugin, which is the headline that is visible to visitors before they click. A short line of copy such as “Click Here To Contact Amanda” or “Click Here To Schedule Your Consultation” works nicely because it makes it very clear what action they have to take, and what will result from that action.

Step 2: Create a form in your email marketing software that allows the visitor to put in their First Name, Email, Phone Number, and an answer to the question “What is the #1 challenge I can solve for you today?” (I like asking for the phone number because if they don’t schedule, you can always give them a call).

Once this form is created, pull the html form code from your email marketing software and place it into the “PopUp Content” section of the plugin. This ensures that when someone clicks on the pop up title, the form appears for them to fill out. Here’s a pic of what it will look like:


The reason why it is so important to create this form in your email software is because that allows you to continue to market to these prospects via email just in case they do not schedule or buy right away.

Step 3: Set up the thank you page for your email form to be your scheduling calendar. This way, after they complete the form and press submit, they are sent to your calendar to schedule an appointment with you.

Step 4: Set up auto-responders to remind people to schedule with you just in case they don’t do so right away. Because sometimes people will be too busy to schedule right away, I recommend setting up an auto-responder that re-sends them the link to your scheduling calendar, along with at least 3 reminders to schedule (spaced 24-72 hrs apart). I use Infusion Soft and Appointment Core, so my system will actually turn off the reminders if they already scheduled. It also assigns me a task if, after 3 reminders, the person hasn’t scheduled, so that I can give them a call.

This is the process I recommend taking for ALL forms on your website if you’re in a business where your sales happen on the phone.

Ninja Strategy #2

Delete or combine unnecessary items on your menu bar, so that you have 6 items on your menu bar MAX. One of these should be a CONTACT page. Another should be called “DISCOVERY CALLS” and when they click that, they either go straight to your scheduling calendar or to a landing page all about your discovery calls. Here is an example of what that landing page could look like:!


The truth is that if you have loads of content on the menu bar, it’s not adding value to your site, only confusion. The more options people have, the less likely they are to take action. So by reducing the amount of options and adding more than one menu item that funnels into contacting you, you are of course increasing the likelihood that they will contact you (simple math).

Ninja Strategy #3

Add your phone number to your website, big and bold in the header and/or footer. The header and footer are on EVERY page of the site so having it there ensures that no matter what page visitors are on, they will see it. So few businesses put their phone numbers on their websites nowadays that when you actually do, it really stands out. (Of course, make sure that you are actually ok with prospects being able to call you out of the blue).

By implementing all 3 of these strategies, people can now (a) fill out a form to get on your calendar (b) simply schedule on your calendar directly, or (c) just give you a call. This makes it very clear to your visitors that the first step to working with you is getting on the phone.

Implement these strategies and you are sure to see more discovery call appointments on your calendar (meaning more clients and more money for your biz).

Share with me: which strategy do you use to generate more appointment? What’s your favorite plugin?

About the author:
VPP (84)Amanda Goldman-Petri is a Marketing Coach and total tech nerd renowned for how she built her 6-figure business in 4 short months at the age of 23! Amanda has been featured on major media outlets such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Small Business Trendsetters, Wall Street Select, and more for her work helping women entrepreneurs to create both financial freedom and happy lives. Her clients have reported doubling, tripling, quadrupling (and more) their incomes. To access Amanda’s free gift “7 Days & Nerdy Ways To Capture 1 Amazing New Client This Week!” visit her website at http://coachwithamanda.com

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