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Over the last couple of days, my client Rita, a dating and relationship expert, went through a horrific experience with her website. It is literally every business owner’s nightmare, so in this article, I wanted to share her story with you.
My goal is for you to learn from her experience and to protect yourself and your business from such an ordeal and so you can learn how to choose the best hosting services for your website.
Here is Rita’s story:
As part of my website maintenance services, I went to check my Rita’s website last Wednesday to ensure that her platforms, plugins, and forms are all sufficiently running. I noticed that her website had difficulty loading. However, I assumed this to be a problem with my wi-fi, not comprehending that it could have been a serious issue- which I’d soon figure out that it was. I waited ten minutes and attempted it again.
After about a minute, the website did load, only instead of her homepage, there was merely a blank page with nothing on it.
At this point, I began to speculate that there could really have been an issue, hoping it was simply a problem with my browser. I tried her website on Chrome and other browsers. Not surprisingly, the result was the same on chrome and on my other devices.
Still, not panicking, I decided to call her hosting company to figure out what was happening and how this mess can be remedied. I knew that any professional and established hosting company should be able to fix this problem or at least bring back the latest backed-up. Notice the keyword – professional. 
best hosting services
After waiting 45 minutes of waiting while listening to really annoying music on the line in addition to the extra 15 minutes I was made to wait while I was being connected to the right department, the tech guy told me that some files are missing. I asked him about the back-up and he told me that the recent backups are also missing.  
Since I know my clients did not access her c-panel and would never ever delete any of the files, and since I never logged into her hosting c-panel, I knew that the only people who could delete her files were from the hosting company.
Now I’m not saying that it was done on purpose. In fact, I’m positive that they probably did it by mistake. However, the fact remains. Someone from the hosting company deleted some of her files and without them, her website can not exist.Now I felt panic.
I spent many hours over the weekend emailing and talking to various managers as well as tech support people and finally, I’m not sure how exactly, they were able to bring back the missing files.
We were ready to celebrate, only when I went to check the site’s back end, I noticed that there was no way to access it. Grrr
This resulted in more tedious hours on the phone which eventually solved the problem.
Now, my client, Rita, can finally log onto her website again.

We are only as good as what we learn. Right? Rita’s story could easily end in a different way.
What if the hosting company people could not bring the files back? In this case, not just the website, but her business could be lost. Yes, we could create a new website, but the time, the energy, the money, the traffic, the comments on the blog posts are all lost.And this is not the first story I heard about business owners losing their site content due to a not professional hosting companies. In fact, when I sent this email blast to my list, I got many responses from people who had the same experiences as Rita.
This could be really devastating to anyone but especially to small business owners who depend on their website to showcase their services and attract new clients and who don’t have the time and money to rebuild their online presence all over again.


So what we learned from that and how do you choose the best hosting services for our website:
1.  Following this experience, I no longer trust the hosting back-ups and am now backing up my Website Maintenance clients’ website on an external server.
2. Make sure your hosting company is reliable and offers 24/7 customer service. I stumbled upon many hosting services with NO phone number and no way to reach them other than via email. If you see this, RUN. You need a company that will be there for you: not just when they take your credit card information, but also and mostly when you have a crisis.
3. If you are not a techy guy, you might want to have someone on hand to deal with those types of situations for you.
Someone who you trust and who can make sure that your business is protected. 


I hope this was helpful for you and if you have any questions regarding my maintenance services and what’s included, go to https://www.lotemdesign.com/maintenance/.  
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