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Wouldn’t it be nice to make money simply by being you? What if I told you it is.


Hi, I’m Sarit, and I’m a web and graphic design expert. I help small business owners not only represent themselves online, but do it in a way where they can manifest their passion on screen and turn it into an online presence that profits. Not too shabby



Why you should work with me:

It may seem that choosing an online website builder such as Wix, Weebly, or might be an easier and faster solution to create your small business website. However, there are far-reaching, long terms benefits for using my services or any stand alone professional website designer:

Designing a website that can really generate traffic and income takes much more that just putting a couple of pages together on the internet (or the visual aspect of it). 
Think about your website as an evolving presence. You would want to occasionally modify it and update it to suit and attract your ideal customer. You will also want to optimize it for search engines so your site will rank higher on them.

When you choose to work with me, you will never get aggravated or frustrated because your site is locked and you can’t move it to a different host service (if the customer service is useless or they raised their hosting prices) or because you can’t really market or promote your website or because you want to tweak something and you don’t exactly know how.

In fact, once you approve the website, you will be able to fully take over it and update and optimize it in future by yourself. It’s really easy (no maintenance fees :)). 


 I’ve been designing website for small businesses just like you for the past 10 years. I’ve created dozens of websites that helped businesses succeed. I will provide you with a quality product that will help you position yourself as an esteemed professional in your field. Online as well as offline. 

qualityI COME HIGHLY RECOMMENDED I love what I do and I will transfer that enthusiasm into your website, whether it’s a new website design, your website’s re-design, or your logo design.  I can supply solid references from real clients I’ve worked with.

highly recomanded PERSONAL SERVICE Being a small business I’m able to offer you a personal and dedicated service and I’m always on hand to help you with any questions or requirements you might have.


SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE After your website is successfully launched, I will still be around to carry out any modifications or addition of new sections if required. I offer full support and maintenance services.



My services are perfect for you if…

1  You know you need a website to succeed online but you are overwhelmed and are not sure where to begin.

2  You already have a website but it’s old, dated and you know it’s time to update it.

3  You already have a website but it does not generate sufficient traffic to your business.

Hire me to create a professional and a smart website or blog that will help you generate more leads, more customers, and more revenue.  

I can help with every step of creating your small business website; from getting your domain name and hosting services  to designing your logo and website and optimizing your website for search engines such as Google and Bing.
My websites are easy to maintain and don’t require programing knowledge.

I love sharing tips & tricks on how to improve your website
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